I have chosen to follow the path of designing and building hand-crafted contemporary furniture because it brings me great joy. My designs are inspired from many sources, from walks in the woods to overseas travels, but mostly from the wood itself. Whether working with live-edge slabs or more sculptural forms, the intent is to allow the inherent beauty of the material to acquire a second life as a piece of furniture. Wood is a sensual material, and it is my hope that the work reflects my passion, awe, and respect for these great trees.


My education in architecture was fueled from an early age fascination with building. Upon graduating with a BS in Geology from The Colorado College, I spent much time traveling and kayaking around the world. Some of these journeys brought me to Ecuador, Chile, India, and Nepal. On returning to the United States I earned a MA in Architecture from Virginia Tech. While at Virginia Tech, I became intrigued with the tectonic nature of building, where the forces generating a particular structure are revealed through a combination of construction and materials. My summers were spent building and raising hand-cut timber frame structures where I learned about the diverse traditions of woodworking and joinery. While working for a high-end residential architecture firm, it became clear that I missed a truly hands-on approach to both designing and building, and in 2003 Brian Fireman Design was founded. My work has been exhibited nationally and published in a variety of magazines. I work from my studio in the mountains of western North Carolina.